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Manufacturing Equipment

Current Status of Holding Equipment

Name of EquipmentUsageYear of Acquisition
Assembling EquipmentAutomatic aging and assembling lineFinished goods automatic aging and feature inspection2018
Assembling lineFinished goods assembling2018
Drill and tapHole processing and Tapping2017
Aging equipmentManual Aging and lighting test2017
Test Inspection EquipmentLighting testing machineON, OFF continuous test2019
Integrating sphere, temperature feature inspection chamberlighting system feature and performance inspection equipment2018
Power meter
Withstand voltage testing machineDielectric strength test 2017
ThermographDotting temperature measuring instrument2017
Insulation testerInsulation resistance measuring instrument2017
Leakage amperemeterLeakage current measurement2017
IlluminometerLighting and illumination intensity measuring instrument2017
Vernier calipersSize measurement2017
MicrometerThickness measurement2017
LCR meterResistance, capacitor, capacity measurement2017
Radiation thermometerMeasurement of surface temperature2017
Sound level meterNoise meter2017
Environmental EquipmentConstant temperature and humidity equipmentAir Conditioning System2019
Automatic voltage regulatorAVR2019
Transformation equipment380V, 220V2019