IT/SW Venture Corporation contributes to technology development and community advancement.


Person-Centered Corporation, Value Creation and Sharing


CEO. Deoksu Kim

Thank you for your visit to our homepage.


I am CEO of NEMO L TEC, Deoksu Kim.

We are a smart venture corporation that prioritizes customer satisfaction and contributes to person-centered technology development and community advancement based on high connection and confidence of the 4th industrial revolution era

We have carried forward the construction of LED lighting systems using integrated know-how including research and development and manufacturing and try to become a global business. For this, our staff members and executives will consistently promote innovation and technology development for customers and make an effort to provide the best products and services.

We look forward to your support and interest in big challenges of NEMO L TEC that will make the green eco-friendly future together with human and nature.

Thank You,

CEO of NEMO L TEC, Deoksu Kim